The Orpington Club:

The first Orpington club was formed in 1896 purely for Blacks and led to some controversy over the acceptance of the Buffs so they formed a separate club which is still going today. Other colours formed their own clubs and in 1910 there were 7 clubs in total, most of them not surviving post war.
The Bantam club was formed in the 1950s and the present Orpington club was reformed in 1975 with the amalgamation of the Bantam club and the Black Orpington club.
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The club today has over 200 members, and is increasing in popularity as new owners discover the joy of keeping and showing their birds. New members of all ages are always welcome, those who are keen exhibitors and those who just wish to keep Orpington’s for their beauty and pleasure.
Exibition Orpington Membership of the Orpington club is £7 annually (plus a one off joing fee of £3). You will receive regular newsletters, a year book detailing that years show results, a list of members, the latest news and helpful information on caring for your orpington birds. You can also compete for the club trophies at the club show and be able to get sale referrals plus the chance to purchase club memorabilia.
If you wish to become a member of The Orpington Club you can do so by contacting the club secretary via the Contact Page