Now still seems to be one of the best ever times to keep and enjoy Orpington Bantams. There is a wide choice of colours, both new and traditional, standard and non-standard, and an increased number of breeders to help you get started with what is a very rewarding bird to keep, both in the garden and in the show pen. Not only are they a very attractive variety of chicken, they are also gentle, good-natured and sociable.

tree_wAs a hobby breeder I am building up a collection of the following colours: Black, Blue, Buff, White, Chocolate, Mottled, Jubilee, Lavender, Cuckoo and Gold Laced. Future projects for 2014 will be to breed more Chocolate and Lavender Mottled, Tolbunt, Harlequin { the rarest colour of orpington } and the Cuckoo Buff ( Lemon Cuckoo ).

If you are interested in any of my colours of Orpington, do email. I am based in Northamptonshire.

I am a member of The Orpington Club of Great Britain, which is a very worthwhile club in the promotion and care of Orpingtons both Bantam and Large. Please have a look at the Club page to find out a little bit about what the Club has to offer, and contact the secretary if you would like to join.

All images on this web site are of my own birds & should not be copied or used for any purpose without my permission.