Mootle or Spangled is a fun colour half way between the Jubille & Laced in my opinion,sadluy in the Orpington it is not so distincs as in the other breeds due to feather growth,but it works in its own way if mainly in the dark base colours.I had a lovely black mottle hen from imported stock,she was crossed whit a blue,then a chocolate to get my foundation stock. I have since hatched several split & fully mottled hens & growers in Blue,Black & Chicolate & Mauve. As a note the full mottle is only apparent if both parents have the mottle gene,here are some light blues,some dark blue chicks plus black cockerel growed, a Mauve mottled pullet,a chocolate mottled lad whit a younger brother(split for choc) & the blue mottled cockerel.